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Incase Canada made its mark in the world of computer cases and travel bags after 2 decades of delivering high-quality products to discerning Canadian consumers. In this article, we’ll explore the company’s most popular products and the reasons that make Incase one of the world leaders in this competitive market.

Incase products for all occasions

Incase backpacks

Incase Canada created a selection of stylish laptop backpacks that will appeal to a wide range of users, may it be the commuting entrepreneur or the adventurous digital nomad.

All Incase backpacks are geared towards Apple users and feature a secure and padded laptop compartment with larger models accommodating the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

City collection

EO Travel

EO Travel

ICON collection

two way convertible brief

Two-Way Convertible Brief

AllRoute Daypack



Camera Pro Pack

Camera Pro Pack

DSLR Pro Pack

Incase Travel Bags

Combining digital requirements with quality, Incase travel bags are designed for high flying digital entrepreneurs, while the larger Incase travel bags are especially suited for minimalists for whom a carry-on is enough.

The Incase line of travel bags:

EO Travel Backpack

EO Travel Backpack

AllRoute Daypack

ICON collection

ICON collection

incase CITY Compact with Cordura

CITY Compact with Cordura

incase Two-Way Convertible Brief

Two-Way Convertible Brief

Incase Camera Bags and Accessories

Incase delivers to visual creatives a series of bags specifically designed for DSLRs and other photographic tools such as action cameras and drones. Mostly available in 840D abrasion resistant nylon, some of the camera bags are also offered in Woolenex. The Camera Pro and DSLR Pro packs both feature a laptop compartment large enough to accommodate 16” MacBook Pro with maximum protection.

Incase camera bags with their possible camera gear:

Camera Pro Pack

• Large DSLR such as the Nikon D850 + Lenses + Flash
• Professional video camera such as the Canon EOS C100
• 16” MacBook Pro + iPad
• Compact drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro (in its case) and Mavic Spark

DSLR Pro Pack

• Large DSLR such as the Nikon D850 + Lenses + Flash
• 16” MacBook Pro + iPad
• Compact drones

DSLR Sling Bag

• DSLR with lens
• 13” MacBook Air
• iPad
• Compact drones

Camera Side Bag

• Small DSLR with lens
• Mirrorless camera
• Compact drones
• Action cameras

Accessory Organizer

• GoPro
• Sony Action Camera
• Compact camera
• Mobile phone

Incase Shoulder Bags

A more traditional look is delivered with a line of classic shoulder bags offered in a variety of durable materials. Each of these bags is properly padded, thus ensuring excellent protection for your MacBook.

The Incase line of shoulder bags include:

Two-Way Convertible Brief

Compass Brief With Flight Nylon

City Brief


Incase Sleeve & Cases

The minimum protection you should consider for your Apple product is a case. Incase offers a wide selection of perfect fitting shells and rugged cases for your favorite Apple device. Check out the Hardshell section to see what Incase offers as its top line of computer cases.

As for the Incase sleeves, they offer added protections for your MacBook or iPad, great for walking around the office.


The Bionic series of bags is Incase’s latest collection. Built from BIONIC® yarn, the company’s aim is to deliver a line of products made from a sustainable material. The plastics used with Bionic products are collected from marine and coastal areas. Incase says that it is its contribution for a healthier environment. This is a very stylish collection and each item comes in 2 colors: grey and green.

The Incase Bionic collection includes:

commuter backpack​

Commuter backpack

Compact Laptop Sleeve

Accessory Organizer​

Accessory Organizer

Incase AirPods Case​

Incase AirPods Case

The Incase AirPod cases are as stylish as the product they’re designed to safeguard. On top of providing protection, these cases also enable you to recharge your pods. They feature rounded corners, which makes it extremely conformable to handle.

Two shapes are available which are associated with specific AirPod models:

  • Rectangular with a larger width for Airpod Pro
  • Rectangular with a larger length for Airpod Generation 1 and 2

The Incase Air Pod cases come in two materials, which both are finished in order to protect the case from scuffs and scratches:

  • Aluminum Airpod case
  • Polycarbonate Clear Airpod case

Incase Hardshells

You can add maximum protection with a serious dose of style with one of the Incase rigid laptop shells. They come in a variety of sizes to fit Apple’s classic workhorses. You can choose amongst a range of finishes and materials, including polycarbonate and Woolenex or NanoSuede.

Incase hard-shells feature:

  • Ultra-durable materials
  • Total form-fitting protection
  • Complete access to ports
  • Appropriate ventilation for laptop cooling
  • Airport checkpoint friendly
Incase Hardshells​
Incase City


To carry your MacBook and other accessories in style and comfort, Incase offers the City, a convenient and popular laptop backpack designed for the busy urban professional. This Incase backpack features padded compartment to safely store your Apple computer or other devices. A secondary compartment in the larger City backpacks is ideal to store an iPad or a notebook. Incase produced an extra version of both the City and City Compact models, featuring a Diamond Ripstop, which is material weaved with thread from recycled PET bottles.

Every City bag features:

  • A 360° laptop compartment lined with faux fur
  • A front pocket ideal for papers, pens or your mobile phone
  • Top handle
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with air mesh padding


Part of the Incase line of products since 2014, the Icon targets creative commuters and is considered the company’s top model and the best option in terms of work mobility. The main compartment offers space for a MacBook, large flat documents and small accessories. The second and third compartments on the 2 top models are large enough for a second computer and feature a series of pockets to store tech accessories and other sizable items.

The Icon is offered in 2 materials: 840D nylon and Woolenex.

Icon backpacks feature:

  • Faux-fur lined laptop compartment
  • A front pocket ideal for papers, pens or your mobile phone
  • Top handle
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with air mesh padding
  • 5 sizes


History of Incase

Founded in 1997, the San Francisco startup was launched amidst a growing demand for laptops, which was itself part of the “work everywhere” revolution the world was embarking in the late 90s. The company is now one of the most recognizable brands in the computer bag industry, and has expanded its reach in the travel market by offering duffle bags and roller luggage. Incase increasingly aligned itself with Apple, as the groundbreaking company innovated.

The reputation of the company

Incase is well-known for creating products for the iCrowd – urban fans of the Apple line. The company uses a similar branding approach as the iPod creators and is thus heavily design orientated. Discreet logos and dark colors are what we would expect from a company closely tied to the tech giant.

The quality of the products

Incase has echoed the same quality standards as Apple to deliver high-end products. With renowned designers such as Raul Diaz and Kenji Okada, the company is successful at combining durability, looks and great functionality.

Incase's best products

Although Incase offers a wide range of carrying products, there are a few that standout due to their popularity and incomparable user-friendliness.

Incase EO Travel Backpack​

Incase EO Travel Backpack

The weather-resistant EO Travel Backpack will accommodate a 16-inch laptop in a compartment specifically conceived for swift checkpoint stops.

The EO Travel Backpack features:

  • Expandable main compartment that allows you to increase the capacity by more than 35%
  • Side compression straps
  • Shoulder straps with breathable mesh, a sternum strap and padded back panels for comfortable use

Incase City Backpack

The City backpack is popular because of its built-in protection for MacBook or iPad and a minimum of carrying capacity for smaller items. This elegant and spacious bag is all you need to carry for a day at the office or at school.

The Incase City Backpack features:

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Adjustable polyester shoulder straps with air mesh pads
Incase City Backpack​
Incase EO Travel Backpack​

Incase Icon Slim

The perfect fit for thinner laptops such as the MacBook Air. The ICON Slim Laptop Backpack features several compartments. This bag can also be carried around the shoulder thanks to an adjustable padded shoulder strap.

Key features of the Icon Slim backpack are:

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Sturdy 840D nylon construction
  • Second compartment with pockets
  • For MacBooks up to 16”


Can a backpack Incase fit under airline seats as my one personal item for flights?

Incase backpacks are designed for travel, are flight friendly and several of the bags will fit under an airplane seat.

How to take care of Incase bags?

Clean small spots with a bit of water and a sponge. A thorough cleans is performed by soaking your bag in lukewarm water and lightly brushing it with a sponge. Use a nylon brush and a bit of soap for the more resistant stains. Rinse your bag with cold water and hang it indoors to dry. Never use a tumble dryer or send it to a dry cleaner. Heat will rapidly degrade the materials of your Incase bag.

Are Incase Laptop cases good?

Incase laptop cases are amongst the best on the market.

Where is incase made?

Incase products are made in the USA.